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2023 Renovations Recap

For over six-months in 2023, the house and the grounds around it were closed to visitors in order to accommodate extensive exterior renovation from top (roofing) to bottom (stone porch) that was done as the first-step of a multi-phase refurbishment of the whole site, including having the parking lot paved; improving the pathways from the parking lot to the various buildings, especially for ADA accommodation; renovating the exterior of the stone building/museum store; and updating signage throughout the site. This is all being done in order to get us ready for the multi-year 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, the birth of our country and the commemoration of our whole, multi-faceted history!


Photos of the house before, during and after the renovation can been seen on the Rockingham Historic Site Facebook page!


We are planning a more formal reopening ceremony in the late winter/early spring, so stay tuned!

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